Interview with Jessica Biel

What's the best acting experience you've had?
Jessica: Aaron Spelling's "SEVENTH HEAVEN" because it was the first movie I did and the cast was incredible.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to be an actor?
Jessica: You've got to love this business. You have to be able to take rejection.

What actor do you admire most and why?
Jessica: Tom Hanks. You never can predict how he will play his next character or next line. He's real!

What do you like best about acting?
Jessica: Being someone I'm not for a period of time and loving every minute of being in someone else's skin.

How has your life changed since you attended the IMTA Convention?
Jessica: I went from amateur to professional actress thanks to my personal manager Diane Hardin and my agent Jeff Morrone who I met at the IMTA Convention.

What is a typical day for you when you are working?
Jessica: I'm up at five in the morning, leave for the set at seven, arrive at seven-thirty, and go to make-up and hair. Then I have school for an hour and a half. Then into wardrobe, rehearse and shoot until two-thirty. Then back on the set to shoot until three-thirty. Then I have school until four-thirty. I go home and learn my lines for the next day and go to sleep!

Tell us about auditioning for "ULEE'S GOLD" with Peter Fonda?
Jessica: I got "ULEE'S GOLD" with one audition, which is unusual. The character is a rebellious girl and I dressed the part-black lipstick, motorcycle boots, etc. We are shooting in Florida right now.

Tell us about your casting in "SEVENTH HEAVEN"... What is the movie about?
Jessica: "SEVENTH HEAVEN" is about a minister's family and I play the oldest daughter. There are five children in the family. We are all going through different problems and this is the family's story.

Would you recommend attending an IMTA Convention to other aspiring young actors and models?
Jessica: Definitely! You will meet people who can change your life and make your dreams come true!


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