Jump Magazine Interview with

Jessica Biel and Jesse Peterson

When 7th Heaven's Jessica Biel gets together with best friend Jesse Peterson, there's no such thing as downtime. This daring duo is into everything from shooting hoops to pulling pranks. Together they're unstoppable.

               "Jesse just tapped me on the shoulder one day and introduced herself," says Jessica Biel, 16, on how she and her best friend first met. A simple hello in the fifth grade and they're friends for life. Big deal, right? It is, considering Jessica's stardom and the distance that now keeps the two apart. When Jessica moved to Los Angeles, CA, last year, from Boulder, CO, to pursue her acting career, she left more than her hometown behind. She left Jesse, 16, and  the "normal" life of a high schooler. Fortunately for both girls, fame and the few state lines between them haven't changed their friendship at all. "Jessica is still the same goofy, down-to-earth girl she was when she left," says Jesse. "Being on TV and in a movie [Ulee's Gold] hasn't changed her a bit." These days when they do get together, their only rule is to make the most of their short visits.

On Sports

Jesse: When we played on rival soccer teams a few years ago, there was a little bit of competition between us. Well, actually, there was a lot.

Jessica: We hated each other! Her team, the Hot Tamales, always beat my team, the Kickers. It brought out this huge rivalry between us.

Jesse: But now that we're so close, the competition is all in fun, whether we're trying out snowboarding or some other new sport. We're like "I can do this, can you?" or "Betcha can't do that."

Jessica: That competition keeps us active. It's just so fun to go out and play soccer or basketball with each other, so we both stay in shape. If you're not in shape, you'll get left behind, and neither of us want to be left out of the fun. It's just a lot better than being stuck in the house or a mall.

Jesse: We have to live it up and enjoy the time we do get to spend together because it never seems to last very long. You won't catch us just sitting around doing nothing, that's for sure.

On Friendship

Jesse: Jessica is someone I can be crazy with, someone I can tell everything to. We can be as wild or as dorky as we want to be around each other, and our opinion of each other never changes.

Jessica: That's because we're both insane. When we get together, things get scary. We just do dumb things, like throw water balloons at people. We're always pranking each other and playing practical jokes on our brothers. We love to goof around.

Jesse: Obviously, we're not normal. We love dressing up in crazy clothes and just doing weird stuff. I've never had a friend like Jess. She's the only person who knows me as well as me!

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