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18.12.05 Site Updates

I installed a new guestbook software, 'ViPER Guestbook'', on the site. I hope you like the design and new features. If you're looking for the old guestbook, you may find it here.

17.12.05 Site Updates

I installed a new picture gallery software, 'Coppermine Photo Gallery', on the site.

New features include:
  • working thumbnails (lol)
  • user comments on pictures
  • picture ratings
  • e-cards
  • slide shows
Coppermine Photo Gallery logo 
25.11.05 News

Mandy Moore and Jessica Biel were amongst the stars at the Miss Davenporte Trunk Show and Cocktail Party hosted by Lucky Magazine and held at Ron Herman in Los Angeles, California on November 17. You can find pictures of the events at and in the picture gallery.

08.11.05 MTDN News

Jessica and her father Jon, co-founders of the MTDN (Make The Difference Network), will be heading to Washington DC on November 9th to to help rebuild a home for a returning Army veteran who lost his leg in Iraq. He has 3 children and a wife. Rebuilding Together, a non-profit organization, is remodeling his home so it will be wheel-chair accessible. Jessica and her Dad will be helping to do the remodel for a day. Bravo!

The Illusionist

Some infos about one of Jessica's next movies, "The Illusionist".

Jessica plays an Austrian duchess betrothed to the mean Count (Rufus Sewell), but she is really in love with a childhood friend who is a commoner and a master illusionist (Edward Norton). It's going to be a visually, beautiful film because of the costuming and the location shoots in villas in Prague.

09.10.05 Jessica named Sexiest Woman Alive

Esquire Magazine names Jessica Biel the Sexiest Woman Alive in their current November 2005 issue!

This also massively increased the traffic to my little website, 18.011 people visited the site yesterday, which pushed the visitor counter above 1 million. Thanks!

02.10.05 Elizabethtown

Would you like to be part of a commercial for Elizabethtown? Show what makes your hometown special and you might find yourself in the movie's commercial running on MTV. Click here.
23.09.05 Elizabethtown

Moviefone has a 10-minute extended sneak peek at Elizabethtown in this week’s edition of Coming Attractions Newsletter. Check out the clip here.

Moviephone also has the Elizabethtown trailer, click here to watch it.

06.09.05 Site Updates

- Added STEALTH to the movies section.
- Initiated the transfer of my domain to a new provider. More details as soon as the process is finished.

30.08.05 Site Updates

Sooner as expected, I replaced the picture pages with a fully dynamic php picture gallery (Singapore), which will make updates much easier for me. The Stealth pictures are already online, I'll add some more today/tomorrow.

Click here for the new gallery.

29.08.05 Site Updates

I know that most visitors are here for the pictures. I don't have the time to add all the old pictures to the site, but I put up some amazing pictures from the Stealth premiere.

Check out the (no longer completely empty) pictures-section.

26.08.05 Site Updates

OK, I finally found the time to finish the major site update i had planned for years. The new layout should make it much easier for me to add and replace content, so I'll try to keep the site up-to-date.

Most important changes are:

  • German version discontinued is only available in English, duplication of content was just too much work. Sorry.

  • SHTML instead of frames
    [Attention - tech talk] As frames in websites are no longer state-of-the-art, I switched to SHTML-pages (SSI), which is a handy way for me to separate content and layout. It also has some other advantages like improved compatibility to browsers and interaction with search engines.

  • Revised Content
    Most information on the website have been revised and updated.

Not working at the moment are:

  • Pictures, News Articles
    Probably > 80% of visitors just want to see the pictures. Well, they're currently offline, sorry. I'm not sure yet, if I'll store them on my provider's web space (pictures cause a lot of traffic) or try to find some free web space.

  • Mailing List
    I used to write newsletters to inform about site updates, there are currently 1000 people in the list, so I guess I'll continue with this service as soon as I find the time to do so.

  • other things
    It is very likely that some other features on the website are broken, send me an E-Mail and I'll try to fix them.

Future updates will add/fix:

  • the things that are currently not working

last update:

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